Conduct of the mediation

Geschäftspartner geben sich die Hände

Exploratory meeting

In the exploratory meeting you present the key information relevant for your problem and we check whether I can help you with my services. At the same time, the conversation will reveal whether the chemistry between us is right and whether you are interested in hiring me as a mediator.
If this is the case, we clarify organisational matters and any questions that may arise. After the meeting, I will send you a draft mediation contract with an initial time and cost estimate tailored to your needs.

Experience shows that this first meeting lasts about 30-45 minutes and is free of charge.

Follow-up appointments

In the first follow-up meeting, the essential steps of the process are explained and the upcoming appointments are agreed upon. Then the actual "work" can begin. I structure the mediation according to the 5-phases model.

It is recommended that we meet in person. However, if the situation requires it, we can also work together via audio or video conference systems.

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